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Music Theory

Piano Lesson


No instrument has been quite as significant in the world of music as the piano. A perfect starting point for those wanting to learn an instrument, the piano is invaluable regardless of where the student is on their musical journey

Playing Piano

Unleash your creativity!

The student will receive a firm grounding in music theory and common practices all while being encouraged to let their musical imagination run wild 


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Often considered to be the musical instrument most similar to the human voice, the cello offers students a challenge with rewards that will last a lifetime


Glasses and Music Sheet

Music Theory

Discover how music works.  Whether prepping for exams or just curious as to music's inner machinations, the student will study trends in music theory from the the Middle Ages to our present day and receive a deeper appreciation and understanding of music as a whole

Music Theory

About Paul

Holding a bachelor's degree in composition and a master's

degree in film scoring from NYU, Paul is a dedicated teacher

committed to helping students find their musical voice and

identity. Expertly engaging students in repertoire and

subjects that will ground them in necessary skills and

techniques required for musical success while allowing

them the freedom to explore their artistic visions.


Paul is also a composer and multi-instrumentalist

accomplished on piano, cello, organ, and various

world woodwinds with performance experience in

classical, jazz, vocal accompaniments, ensemble playing, and improvisation.

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