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Paul K Music

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Paul is a versatile, fast-paced, and detail-oriented composer. His work includes films, documentaries, and advertising as well as other visual and multimedia platforms.

Pulling from a robust background in music theory and history as well as expertise in various styles and genres, Paul's music ranges from simple and intimate to bold and expressive writing. 

A musician from childhood, Paul graduated summa cum laude with his Masters in Film Scoring from NYU. During his time in New York Paul began collaborating with filmmakers, musicians, and other creators, scoring a wide array of projects including local and international films.

Paul is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist including piano, strings, and woodwinds. He writes and performs as a member of the Denver indie-folk band Chariots and Charioteers.

When he's not doing "music stuff" Paul is probably out on a road trip with his wife and their dog (Jameson), spending time with friends and family or visiting one of the country's beautiful national parks.


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